[Exherbo-dev] Crossing over to cross

Saleem Abdulrasool compnerd at compnerd.org
Sat Feb 28 18:22:43 UTC 2015

Hello exherbo-dev,

I think that its about time that we consider crossing over to cross.  For
most people, this is a one-time hassle of migrating the system layout.  The
file system layout change is the piece that will enable supporting cross.
However, it brings us a much nicer multi-arch configuration, and a much
nicer mechanism for supporting multiple ABIs (which multi build originally
set out to solve).  See [1] for additional details on the layout and

Once the layout changes are done, we can make further incremental
improvements to cross to make it easier and nicer to use.  We have
previously taken a similar approach with multibuild, and it worked out
well, and I would like to do something similar here.

In preparation for this migration, I would like to gather the set of things
that we must do before we actually engage in merging the necessary changes.
 gcc:4.9 was fixed up on cross recently, and should be usable for at least
the common case of a single host system.  One known limitation is the split
debug (which I think can be addressed before the merge).  AFAICT, system
should more or less work (though, due to the migration case, requires
acrobatics with options to break circular dependencies).

The conversion is slightly painful, but certainly possible.  It involves
acrobatics similar to bootstrapping exherbo on another linux distribution.
Starting from a stage would be the simpler approach.  We can still document
both options and let the brave hearted try the more difficult option.

[1] http://exherbo.org/docs/multiarch.txt

Saleem Abdulrasool
compnerd (at) compnerd (dot) org
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