[Exherbo-dev] Adding Emacs to the stages set

Wulf C. Krueger philantrop at exherbo.org
Sun May 4 09:48:45 UTC 2014

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Hello Heiko,

On 04.05.2014 11:21, Heiko Becker wrote:
> IMO the purpose of stages is to deliver you the basic tools to
> install your own personal flavour of Exherbo. So how many config
> files do you have to edit in an alien editor to install you
> favourite one? bashrc and options.conf?

Here's what our install guide says:

cd /etc/paludis && vim bashrc && vim *conf

That currently gives you 18 files to edit. 18, not 2.

The first vim opens. The user tries to edit the file - but whatever he
types, it doesn't change the file, what the fuck?!
At some point he hits the "i" key and suddenly he *can* edit the file.
Or maybe he hit the wrong key first and vim is stuck in some weird

Let's say our user managed to edit bashrc. He wants to save the
result. Maybe he's smart and hits ESC at some point. How to save now,
Oh, it's the totally intuitive ":w", possibly even ":wq".
If our user is an emacs user, he will routinely press CTRL+x+s - and
immediately freeze his terminal.

Let's say he somehow got past to the second vim invocation: He learned
how to save and quit the hard way by now. But, wait, there's more than
just one file to edit. How does he get to the next one?

And so on...

The typical first-time user experience with vim is to try frantically
to quit and resort to "killall -9 vim" at some point.

> Is this really such a big nuisance?

Definitely, yes.

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Best regards, Wulf
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