[Exherbo-dev] Dropping old perl versions

Benedikt Morbach moben at exherbo.org
Mon Sep 30 14:56:02 UTC 2013

Since nobody seems to care much for perl, apart from the fact that it is
needed for half of system, we have quite a few old perl SLOTs lying

I'd like to remove all except :5.18, since everything below 5.16 is EOL
upstream and we don't have :5.16
I also suspect that these old versions don't get much testing.

This will hopefully make the life of whoever needs to touch it next a
bit easier. If anyone has a valid reason why we should keep those
around, then he may speak now or forever hold his peace.

If nobody speaks up, I'll probably proceed with this next week.

After that, we can wade through dev-perl/* and figure out if we want to
drop some of those since there are quite a few collisions with things
shipped by dev-lang/perl.

Thomas Witt (pyromaniac) seems to have started on that already[1]

I am also currently investigating if we can use SLOT in perl's
directories, as in /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/${SLOT} instead
of /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/${PV}. This would hopefully make updating
within one SLOT hassle-free, but there is some vague notion that this
has been tried in the past and lead to some kind of problem.
Sadly, no one seems to remember what exactly the problem was and it
never made it into git.

Input on that would also be greatly appreciated.

Benedikt Morbach

[1] http://bpaste.net/raw/eUJAxrIhDkU5NZ59KACW/
Obsolete dev-perl modules after 5.18.1

Module                              perl-5.14.2  perl-5.18.1   extra exheres
Archive::Tar                              1.76         1.90         1.90
CGI                                       3.52         3.63         3.63
CPAN::Meta                            2.110440     2.120921     2.120921
CPAN::Meta::Requirements              (absent)        2.122        2.122
CPAN::Meta::YAML                         0.003        0.008        0.008
DB_File                                  1.821        1.827        1.827
Data::Dumper                          2.130_02        2.145        2.136
Exporter                               5.64_03         5.68         5.67
File::Temp                                0.22         0.23         0.22
Pod::Simple                               3.16         3.28         3.23
Time::HiRes                          1.9721_01       1.9725       1.9725
Time::Local                             1.2000       1.2300       1.2300

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