[Exherbo-dev] Naming of repositories (::x11)

Arne Janbu devel at arnej.de
Thu Sep 13 00:52:06 UTC 2012

Hi all,

Given that packages like wayland are emerging and we now have it in 
::desktop, we need some discussion about repository naming.
We had a discussion in #exherbo about the right place for wayland and 
found out, it wouldn't fit in ::x11 because it has nothing todo with x11 
itself. Mesa also is in ::x11, which doesn't make sense anymore.

My proposal for this:
::x11 is only for x11 itself and it's pakages
::desktop needs to be thought about
<name here> would fit for packages like wayland, mesa, glu, etc.

Where <name here> could be ::desktop, ::gui or something like that.

I know that this change will affect a lot of packages and needs some 
work, but if we want to have a consistent naming schema, we should have 
to do this renaming and moving. That's why I ask about it here and I'd 
like to see your proposals.

Cheers, Arne Janbu

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