[Exherbo-dev] KDE 4.9.1

Bo Ørsted Andresen zlin at exherbo.org
Mon Sep 10 09:35:24 UTC 2012

So a few days ago KDE 4.9.1 was unmasked.

kde/ksecrets was removed as upstream has decided it's not yet ready. You can
just uninstall that if you have it installed.

This time kdemultimedia was split into nine new packages. If you have it
installed you should take a look at what kde_parts you had enabled for it:

# cave show kdemultimedia

Then take a look at what packages are available in kdemultimedia-split:

# cave show kdemultimedia-split\*

And install the ones you're interested in while uninstalling the monolithic

# cave resolve audiocd-kio kmix \!kdemultimedia

And now a final step to verify that you've not missed any splits that happened
in previous major KDE versions. Once you're all done with KDE 4.9.1 you should
have none of the following old monolithic packages installed:

# cave show kdeaccessibility kdebindings kdeedu kdegraphics kdemultimedia kdeutils

If any of those are still installed you should handle it in the same way as for

Bo Andresen

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