[Exherbo-dev] That categories thing again...

Ciaran McCreesh ciaran.mccreesh at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 30 15:40:57 UTC 2012

On Tue, 30 Oct 2012 12:39:38 +0900
matimatik <matimatik at lavabit.com> wrote:
> In fact, the point is why we should use '/' instead of '-' for
> subproviders, subcategories or whatever? Taking into account number of
> categories (any style), i should consider that there ain't any reasons
> to make another fs hierarchy level.

The reason is to avoid huge directories.

> Moreover, assuming we have
> suggested provider-based categories, this may end with non-consistent
> hierarchy: three levels down to exheres for big providers, two level
> for small – not very usable for shell scripting and same stuff.
> Just as example:
>  find /var/db/paludis/repositories/arbor/packages/ -maxdepth 2
>  -mindepth 2 | sed -e 's,/, ,g' | awk '{print $8}'
> will print all package names for arbour,

No, it really won't. Use 'cave print-ids' or 'cave print-packages'.
Don't try to parse the tree layout manually.

>  find /var/db/paludis/repositories/*/packages/ -maxdepth 2 -mindepth
> 2 | sed -e 's,/, ,g' | awk '{print $8}'
> will do the same for all installed repositories (i know that it can be
> optimized, yes ;)). How long would be such one-liner for mixed-depth
> hierarchy?

'cave print-packages'...

> Yes, when (and if) we'll have good exheres tagging system (which
> depends more on package maintainers efforts then on paludis code), we
> will be free to break categorization to the hell (although i like
> shell scripting and cannot see why we need this breakage).

Mostly tagging depends upon someone deciding what tagging is... Tags
are one of those things where no-one agrees on the definition, let
alone the implementation.

Ciaran McCreesh
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