[Exherbo-dev] That categories thing again...

Bernd Steinhauser exherbo at bernd-steinhauser.de
Sun Oct 28 12:38:01 UTC 2012

On 13/10/12 08:35, Ivan Burbakov wrote:
> kde-multimedia, gnome-libs etc?
Then we could just stay with what we have right now. I basically proposed the 
subprovider thing, because it introduces a very natural structure for quite a 
few larger projects (like i.e. gnome, kde), that's all.
> However, I don't like this suggestion at all. I love gentoo-style
> categories (they not necessary have to be implemented exactly same
> way as in gentoo, of course) e.g. role-based categorization, not
> provider-based.
And I really dislike them, because they are both unprecise and limited. Quite 
often, it is unclear where to put a package and sometimes, a package can be put 
into different "categories", depending mainly on the mood of the committer. 
Right now, we have for example two categories for web browsers, one being 
net-www, the other one www-client. And at some point, someone might want to put 
them into web-browsers.
In the end, the gentoo-style categories are very close to being useless to 
categorize stuff, tags (or whatever you want to call them, I prefer keywords) 
are much better suited to do that. Although far from being perfect, I think that 
the provider is a more precise way to structure the exheres tree.

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