[Exherbo-dev] gmp and mpfr migration path

Paul Seidler pl.seidler at googlemail.com
Thu May 3 22:13:30 UTC 2012

Dear list,

we have gmp-5 and mpfr-3 since ~2 years masked in arbor because we have
no proper upgrade path (broken gcc). I want to change that.
So I created a patch set which makes it possible to simply update it [1]
(it lacks a news item currently).

a) increase SLOT for the latest versions (gmp:5, mpfr:3)
b) remove the unneeded stuff from the old versions so the slots won't
collide (docs, headers, symlinks for the libraries)
c) update the slot DEPENDENCIES of exheres which depend on them (:=)

I've tested it in a chroot and it worked well. The news item will
contain something like:

After the gmp and mpfr upgrade you have to rebuild gcc and maybe more
dependencies of it depending on your local configuration (e.g. ppl).
Find it out with:
cave fix-linkage \
	-l libgmp.so.3 \
	-l libgmpxx.so.4 \
	-l libmpfr.so.1
Of course you don't have to rebuild gmp:0 or mpfr:0.

If you have already upgraded those libraries yourself, simply install :3
and remove :0 afterward.

Most of them will have a revision bump anyway (because of the SLOT
update), so maybe we need no news item at all. I have to make some more

Alternatives could be that we create something like bootstrap-gmp which
contains a light version and we tell the people they have to temporary
install it for a proper migration by pkg_pretend.
Or even simpler we tell them to backup the required libraries and they
have to copy them back after the upgrade and have to reinstall all
required programs.

Any better ideas?

If no one complains I will push this early next weak.


[1] - http://dpaste.com/741164/plain/

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