[Exherbo-dev] HEADS UP: udev-177 update needs kernel option DEVTMPFS

Wulf C. Krueger philantrop at exherbo.org
Thu Jan 12 20:49:28 GMT 2012

For the udev-177 update, you need to enable the DEVTMPFS kernel option
(-> Device Drivers -> Generic Driver Options) to get the devtmpfs
filesystem. This is an upstream change. From udev's NEWS file:

"The 'devtmpfs' filesystem is required now, udev will not create or
delete device nodes anymore, it only adjusts permissions and ownership
of device nodes and maintains additional symlinks."

If you don't have DEVTMPFS enabled in your kernel when booting with
udev-177, things will *NOT* work.

Furthermore, if you're using systemd, you should update to systemd >= 38.
Earlier systemd versions will work but issue a non-fatal error during

In fact, you should read all the news for udev >= 176 in
(We skipped 176 as it was broken.)

Best regards, Wulf

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