[Exherbo-dev] split kde 4.7 was unmasked. it's a mess. work it out. (Or read on)

Wulf C. Krueger philantrop at exherbo.org
Sat Feb 11 23:59:45 UTC 2012

(I'd like to mention first that zlin wanted this to say "split kde 4.7
was unmasked. it's a mess. work it out." So be happy you're getting a
bit more! ;-) )

KDE 4.7 was unmasked and it's (partly) split and somewhat messy:

kdebase-runtime -> kde-runtime
kdebase-workspace -> kde-workspace
kdebase -> kde-baseapps, kate and konsole

There are sets for the split packages and "cave show kde-split\*" will
give a complete list of packages to pick from.

I did this (if you don't have the same packages installed, leave those
out, of course):

cave resolve -z \
     kde/kdepim \
     kde/kdepim-runtime \
     kde/kdeplasma-addons \
     kde/kdesdk \
     kde/kdetoys \
     kde/kdeutils \
     kde/konq-plugins \
     kde/ktorrent \
     kde/kate \
     kde/konsole \
     virtual/notification-daemon \
     kde/kdenetwork \
     kde/kdemultimedia \
     kde/kdeartwork \
     graphics/kipi-plugins \
     kde/kde-runtime \
     kde/kde-workspace \
     kde/kde-baseapps \
     kde/libkexiv2 \
     kde/marble \
     \!kde/kdebase \
     \!kde/kdebase-workspace \
     \!kde/kdebase-runtime \
     \!kde/kdegraphics \

I wrote down the packages that still triggered errors, e. g. for

!   kde/kdebase
    Reasons: !kde/kdebase from kde/kde-baseapps: "kde/kde-baseapps was
part of kde/kdebase in previous releases", target, kde/konq-plugins

-> kde/konq-plugins

and excluded them: --without kde/konq-plugins

Of course, that made things break, e. g.

X   graphics/digikam 1.9.0:0::installed
    Will be broken by uninstalls:
    Reasons: dependent upon kde/kdegraphics-4.6.5:4::installed (build, run)
    Cannot proceed without: --uninstalls-may-break or --remove-if-dependent

So, nothing critical, thus, I threw in --uninstalls-may-break for good

Last I updated world (cave resolve world -c) to pull the --without'ed
stuff back in (it's in world after all) and checked it really worked. :-)

This is probably all very horrible and I'll get stabbed but, hey, it
worked for me and might work for you.

Best regards, Wulf

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