[Exherbo-dev] blacklisting directories

Benedikt Morbach moben at exherbo.org
Wed Aug 15 18:01:00 UTC 2012

On So, 2012-08-12 at 18:26 +0200, Wulf C. Krueger wrote:
> Do it.

I just did.

I also added /var/tmp/paludis, as per zlin's request
and /etc/systemd/system, which I forgot earlier.

I left out modprobe.d for now.
It is still in /lib, but I think we should move to /usr/LIBDIR, if only
for consistency. I guess upstream will default to that soon anyway.
But then we might want to drop module-init-tools first (which we would
have to patch) and switch everyone to kmod.


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