[Exherbo-dev] paste.pocoo.org is gone. Re-submit your patches.

Wulf C. Krueger philantrop at exherbo.org
Sat Apr 28 15:31:03 UTC 2012

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paste.pocoo.org is gone for good. Please re-submit your patches.

Here's the list of affected patches:

[28.04.2012 17:24:28] [Notice] -zebrapig- 13 matching patches in queue:
[28.04.2012 17:24:28] [Notice] -zebrapig-
http://paste.pocoo.org/raw/510003/ ::sydbox (submitted by worr 161
days and 17 hours ago): [PATCH] Fixed race condition in sydbox
[28.04.2012 17:24:28] [Notice] -zebrapig-
http://paste.pocoo.org/raw/579419/ ::kde (submitted by heirecka_ 17
days and 5 hours ago): [PATCH 1/2] Move stuff from qt-creator-scm to
its exlib
[28.04.2012 17:24:28] [Notice] -zebrapig-
http://paste.pocoo.org/raw/582592/ ::arbor (submitted by SuperHeron 11
days and 20 hours ago): [PATCH] app-shells/bash-completion[=scm]:
/etc/bash_completion.d is
[28.04.2012 17:24:28] [Notice] -zebrapig-
http://paste.pocoo.org/raw/582875/ ::x11 (submitted by moben 11 days
and 8 hours ago): [PATCH 1/2] mesa multilib: Use multiunpack exparam
[28.04.2012 17:24:30] [Notice] -zebrapig-
http://paste.pocoo.org/raw/583000/ ::arbor (submitted by keruspe 11
days and 1 hour ago): [PATCH] llvm: allow gcc 4.7.0
[28.04.2012 17:24:32] [Notice] -zebrapig-
http://paste.pocoo.org/raw/584582/ ::mawww (submitted by heirecka 8
days and 3 hours ago): [PATCH] Fix building of espeak
[28.04.2012 17:24:34] [Notice] -zebrapig-
http://paste.pocoo.org/raw/585239/ ::arbor (submitted by SuperHeron 7
days and 4 minutes ago): [PATCH] dev-lang/python: Add .pc file into
[28.04.2012 17:24:36] [Notice] -zebrapig-
http://paste.pocoo.org/raw/585373/ ::anderslm (submitted by Philantrop
6 days and 18 hours ago): [PATCH] dev-libs/dotconf: ::anderslm -> ::media
[28.04.2012 17:24:38] [Notice] -zebrapig-
http://paste.pocoo.org/raw/586847/ ::kde (submitted by Apetrini 3 days
and 13 hours ago): [PATCH] networkmanagement: bump to, fix dep
[28.04.2012 17:24:40] [Notice] -zebrapig-
http://paste.pocoo.org/raw/588002/ ::ingmar (submitted by nakamuray 1
day and 3 minutes ago): [PATCH 1/3] notmuch: version bump to 0.12
[28.04.2012 17:24:42] [Notice] -zebrapig-
http://paste.pocoo.org/raw/588028/ ::arbor (submitted by keruspe 23
hours and 6 minutes ago): [PATCH 1/3] autoconf: bump to 2.69
[28.04.2012 17:24:44] [Notice] -zebrapig-
http://paste.pocoo.org/raw/588037/ ::x11 (submitted by keruspe 22
hours and 47 minutes ago): [PATCH] xkeyboard-config-scm: fix build
[28.04.2012 17:24:46] [Notice] -zebrapig-
http://paste.pocoo.org/raw/588130/ ::kde (submitted by heirecka_ 19
hours and 56 minutes ago): [PATCH] Version bump to akonadi-1.7.2
Version: GnuPG v2.0.19 (GNU/Linux)
Comment: Using GnuPG with Mozilla - http://enigmail.mozdev.org/


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