[Exherbo-dev] Open Invention Network

Wulf C. Krueger philantrop at exherbo.org
Wed Sep 28 16:49:10 BST 2011

On 24.09.2011 21:36, Bryan Østergaard wrote:
> My stance on software patents is probably not a big surprise (they
> need to die, the sooner the better). That said having some means of
> fighting back is probably better than nothing.

Exactly my thoughts, too.

> So the two questions that I don't see answered by the above is:
> 1. whether we're free to join other organisations and under which terms

"If you join OIN you are free to join any organization you wish."

Since I mentioned the SFLC as an example for such an organisation, OIN
mentioned that they're actively and constructively working with the SFLC

> 2. how easy it is to leave OIN again if we end up in a situation where
> that'd be neccessary.

We can simply inform them about such a situation and will be out of OIN
after 30 days.

Best regards, Wulf

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