[Exherbo-dev] BUGS_TO discussion

Kim Højgaard-Hansen kim at khh.dk
Wed Sep 28 08:29:20 BST 2011

Hi Wulf,

On 27/09/11 21:18, Wulf C. Krueger wrote:
> Hello Kim,
> On 27.09.2011 20:20, Kim Højgaard-Hansen wrote:
>> Please explain what BUGS_TO means,
> I did in my very first response.
yes indeed. KFI, sorry. But to quote you:

"BUGS_TO just provides you with a means to find out whom to to contact 
in case of doubt/questions/whatever."

I think that is what it is actually used for, besides your scripts which 
easily could work with any "tag" right?

"If someone who's in BUGS_TO vanishes, BUGS_TO's contents should be kept 
as-is until he's formally retired. (Which in the actual case I hope we 
won't do yet.) If someone else wants to be in there, he can add himself 
to it or even replace the former person's entry."

BUGS_TO can be used by non-developers in unofficial-repos, i would 
probably say someone can be removed from BUGS_TO/CONTACT when they have 
be unavailable for a long time while someone else has been added in 
there. The last part i don't agree with, if anyone can just remove you 
from BUGS_TO, what is the point?
>> Nobody says Ciaran has to do the work, we could just make a ticket and
>> anyone could do it. It does not have to be high priority either. But not
>> fixing something because we have patches in the pig is a lousy argument :P
> I don't think it's worth a split second of anyone's time.
That's ok, but if someone wants to implement it, I fail to see the harm 
:) I think it is a good idea that new contributors know what the 
metadata we use means, and to me the way we use BUGS_TO is more like 
CONTACT. Anyway, a patch for e-f-s would certainly help, and as with a 
lot issues it can be done if/when anyone feels like it.
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