[Exherbo-dev] BUGS_TO discussion

Kim Højgaard-Hansen kim at khh.dk
Tue Sep 27 19:20:10 BST 2011

On 27/09/11 18:28, Wulf C. Krueger wrote:
> Hello Ali,
> On 27.09.2011 17:55, Ali Polatel wrote:
>>>> Maybe a special file akin to git's mailmap can be used to provide
>>>> additional information mappings to specific mail addresses?
>>> Yes, and while we're at it, let's add the whole world's phone
>>> directories, availability planning, ressource planning, project plans
>>> and timelines as well.
>> What's wrong with storing more detailed information somewhere
>> easy-to-access?
> It's simply not worth any effort.
>> I can't say I care, but not discussing problems and/or possible
>> optimisations over the current situation just because your stupid
>> scripts will break is not a good attitude.
> It's not about my script (which is easy enough to adapt if need be).
> It's just that things like this take time away from *real* issues (like
> patches rotting on Zebrapig for ages).
> This all started as a suggestion to rename the BUGS_TO field because
> *one* person did not know what it means. That has been cleared up.
> I can go back to working on stuff, you can go back to PinkTrace and
> everyone else can work on patches. :-)
It is not about one single person at all. There was a small discussion 
on IRC about the meaning of it, with no clear outcome, and BUGS_TO was 
created at a time where we thought we would use bugzilla more. Please 
explain what BUGS_TO means, and why it would not make more sense to have 
it renamed to e.g. CONTACT or the likes. As I see it, that field is not 
being used to handle bugs, but more to indicate "I'm interested in this, 
please contact me before you make radical changes"

yes, it's a detail, but you are blowing the amount of work to changing 
it out of proportion as well imo.

Nobody says Ciaran has to do the work, we could just make a ticket and 
anyone could do it. It does not have to be high priority either. But not 
fixing something because we have patches in the pig is a lousy argument :P

Will you also mention my mom now? :)

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>> Why would I? You have yet to mention my mom or buddha...
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