[Exherbo-dev] BUGS_TO discussion

Wulf C. Krueger philantrop at exherbo.org
Tue Sep 20 17:01:55 BST 2011

On 16.09.2011 18:11, Alex Marquez wrote:
> zlin and I got into a discussion about BUGS_TO on IRC, prompted by the plymouth exheres being out of date. Below is a (cleaned) 
> transcript.

Ok, looks like I'm going to be the party pooper once again... ;-)

I like and *need* BUGS_TO. If it's really so unclear as to what it
means, we (read: you, Alex :-) ) should come up with a patch for

So, what does BUGS_TO mean? It simply tells people whom to assign bugs
to and whom to ask in case of issues.
"Assigning bugs" does *not* necessarily imply Bugzilla here but since it
actually *is* being used (albeit not very often :-) ) it's not wrong
either anyway.

If someone who's in BUGS_TO vanishes, BUGS_TO's contents should be kept
as-is until he's formally retired. (Which in the actual case I hope we
won't do yet.)
If someone else wants to be in there, he can add himself to it or even
replace the former person's entry.

Of course, the BUGS_TO field has never meant and won't ever mean that
you *must* contact the BUGS_TO person (or group of people). Everyone is
*encouraged* to submit patches regardless of who's in BUGS_TO anyway and
I doubt it ever scared away anyone and if it did, well, tough luck - he
wouldn't have survived me biting his head off anyway. ;-)

BUGS_TO just provides you with a means to find out whom to to contact in
case of doubt/questions/whatever.

Furthermore, I'm using BUGS_TO to keep track of the packages I care
about (and more or less maintain). Without BUGS_TO, I'd basically be
unable to do that and give up.

Last but not least, I don't think it's even worth a *minute* of Ciaran's
time to rename BUGS_TO or add a CONTACT alias for it. I think every time
we do that, he kills a <insert your favourite pet's offspring here> and
you don't want to be responsible for that, do you?! ;-)

Let's just fix e-f-s (if it's even broken) and be done with it.

Best regards, Wulf

Best regards, Wulf

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