[Exherbo-dev] Server migration

Bryan Østergaard bryan.ostergaard at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 19:45:51 GMT 2011

Hi all.

For those of you with accounts on dev.exherbo.org (AKA
bach.exherbo.org) we're going to migrate to a new server called

I've added accounts for everybody that didn't already have accounts on
tchaikovsky and generated random passwords for you. The password is in
'passwd.txt' in your home directory but please update it.

I've also transferred all the .ssh directories from bach to
tchaikovsky but nothing more than that. You have to transfer any data
you want to keep yourself.

Email is slightly silly as tchaikovsky thinks it's dev.exherbo.org
already and as such mails from tchaikovsky to @e.o is delivered
locally while everything else is still delivered to bach. I expect to
update DNS to point at the new server in a week or two but will send
out another email when I have a more precise time in mind.

And please don't take too long to migrate things as migration needs to
be done by the middle of december - our kind sponsor AHF wants to shut
bach down by the end of december so anything not migrated by then
should be considered lost.

I'll be available for answering questions and help migrating as needed.

Bryan Østergaard

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