[Exherbo-dev] Google Summer of Code 2010 - progress?

Wulf C. Krueger philantrop at exherbo.org
Sun May 8 21:59:57 BST 2011

Hello Ali,

forget about the old list. You'll find all our current ideas here:


> Anyway, I stumbled across kloeri's GSOC 2010 list[0] and wondered as
> to whether any of it got done, 

Some of the stuff on the old list got done, indeed, other stuff didn't.

> REMOTE_IDS client, 

Not done.

> git for distfiles 

Not done.

> the Gems integration.

Some work has been done. cf. project ideas page.

You should only use the project ideas page from now on. I'm keeping it 

Best regards, Wulf
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