[Exherbo-dev] New repository masks

Bo Ørsted Andresen zlin at exherbo.org
Wed Mar 23 10:23:47 GMT 2011

As announced ::arbor now uses new repository masks. If your paludis is older
than last sunday you will see a ton of warnings like this:

  ... Loading package mask spec 'app-shells/bash-completion[~scm] [[' failed due to exception 'Trailing garbage after [] block' (paludis::PackageDepSpecError)
cave at 1300875422: [WARNING e.package_mask.bad_spec] (same context) Loading package mask spec ']]' failed due to exception 'No category/ found in ']]' (cat/pkg is required, a simple pkg is not allowed here)' (paludis::PackageDepSpecError)

This will cause all repository masks to be ignored. To fix it reinstall
paludis-scm or install latest paludis release available while avoiding
upgrading anything that was supposed to be masked. The following command
will probably do that:

# cave resolve --lazy --slots installed-or-best paludis

Bo Andresen
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