[Exherbo-dev] New repository masks format

Ciaran McCreesh ciaran.mccreesh at googlemail.com
Sat Mar 19 16:30:54 GMT 2011

For the user:

You might start seeing masks shown like this:

    Masked by repository [scm]
        Mask scm version. (Mike Kelly <pioto at exherbo.org>), 08 Sep 2009

Note the [scm] is new, and it might say things like [broken] or
[security]. You can carry on unmasking these as you've always done.
However, you'll also be able to unmask *just* "masked because it's scm"
things without also accidentally unmasking insecure things if you


For developers:

I've changed the format of metadata/repository_mask.conf. The old
format should still be supported by the same parser (so long as you
don't do anything funky with comments), so we should keep using that
(at least in arbor) until new stages are out and until everyone's

The new format has entries that look like this:

    app-admin/eclectic[~scm] [[
        author = [ Mike Kelly <pioto at exherbo.org> ]
        date = [ 08 Sep 2009 ]
        token = scm
        description = [ Mask scm version. ]

You can also do this:

    ) [[
        *author = [ Ingmar Vanhassel <slacker at exherbo.org> ]
        *date = [ 02 Oct 2009 ]
        *token = scm
        *description = [ Mask live GCC versions. ]

Note that you use *s to apply to leaf nodes in a ( ) block.

Those are the only four annotations we recognise there for now. Yell if
you need others (maybe you want to reference a CVE or something).

For the token, I suggest we (where by we I mean you) maintain a list of
known values in e-f-s. Paludis doesn't care, but consistency is good. I
suggest we start with:

    scm              for scm things
    security         for insecure things
    broken           for things that are definitely broken
    testing          for things that aren't known for sure to be broken

Note that 'user' is used for user masks.

The profiles package mask files haven't changed format.

Ciaran McCreesh
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