[Exherbo-dev] Google Summer of Code: Ideas

Alex Elsayed eternaleye at gmail.com
Sun Mar 6 02:58:09 GMT 2011

Ciaran McCreesh wrote:
>> - Ruby Gems
> gems needs upstream to provide an API for getting 'everything'. The
> gemcutter query interface didn't support that last time I looked, and
> although it's theoretically possible to concoct a zillion searches that
> will eventually find everything, that's obviously not a usable solution
> in the long term. But if you can get upstream to do that (even if it's
> something they build once a day and then have us mirror) then this is
> probably a good project -- and upstream said they'd be willing last
> time I asked.

Also, you need to support some further things they do with versions, like 
2.0.0.beta.5. This is currently unsupported, but there *is* a spec and they 
*do* follow it, plus I have a JSON file of all gems I can provide as a 
torture test (acquired via the concatenation method). For spec see 
(although I think they explain ~> poorly - much simpler to say it accepts 
anything in the range (incl)<version>..<version>.bump()(excl) rather than 
give a table). For torture test, ask 'eternaleye' on freenode's #exherbo 

> * do something about || dependencies

This might fall out of your 
( [[ foo = bar ]] baz qux )
proposal rather naturally - we could do something like
( [[ selectable = at_build|at_run|at_fetch ]] foo bar )

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