[Exherbo-dev] Experimental distfiles mirror on Cloudfront

Dan Callaghan djc at djc.id.au
Tue Jun 14 13:07:18 BST 2011

Dear list,

I have set up an Amazon Cloudfront mirror for Exherbo distfiles, 
available at <http://distfiles.exherbo.djc.id.au/>. (Cloudfront is 
Amazon's hosted CDN product.) I encourage you to try it out and let me 
know how well it performs for you. You can drop a line like this into 
your /etc/paludis/mirrors.conf:

* http://distfiles.exherbo.djc.id.au/

The mirror is cached live from <http://distfiles.exherbo.org/>. I'm 
hoping that Cloudfront's caches will help to alleviate bandwidth usage 
on distfiles.exherbo.org somewhat, and maybe provide some cache locality 

I've also set up a mirror of Exherbo stages, backed by S3. It's 
available at <http://stages.exherbo.djc.id.au/> in case anyone finds 
that useful. Unfortunately symlinks aren't supported on S3 so the 
-current names are not available.

I'm not sure whether using Cloudfront for this stuff is actually going 
to save bandwidth, or just be a waste of money. Amazon don't publish any 
details about their caching policies (like size limits or eviction 
times), nor do they provide any statistics, so I have no way to see 
things like cache hit rates. I'm interested to hear your observations.

Dan Callaghan <djc at djc.id.au>

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