[Exherbo-dev] expecting_tests()

Bo Ørsted Andresen zlin at exherbo.org
Thu Jul 21 00:12:23 BST 2011

In Paludis 0.64.0 and above a expecting_tests() was added to exheres-0. Make 
sure your Paludis is newer than 0.64.0.

- expecting_tests:
    Query whether test phases are expected to be run. This allows you to tell
    a configure script whether a test dependency is needed, or to disable
    building of tests in the compile phase if they aren’t going to run later.

For more details see:


Today the Paludis exheres has started using it for allowing gtest to be a 
test: dependency rather than a build: dependency:

    econf $(expecting_tests && echo --enable-gtest || echo --disable-gtest)

Bo Andresen
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