[Exherbo-dev] systemd v17 and syslog services

Brett Witherspoon spoonb at exherbo.org
Sun Jan 23 22:45:30 GMT 2011

systemd v17 has been released and committed to arbor. With this release
we have changed how syslog services are handled. Previously a syslog
package was required to be installed with systemd and enabled on
install; This is no longer the case. We now use systemd's minimal
socket activated logging daemon.

If you wish to use rsyslog or syslong-ng instead ( this is suggested )
then you must enable the rsyslog or syslong-ng service. The alternatives
for rsyslog and syslog-ng have been removed. There is no need to disable
the syslog.socket enabled by systemd. The rsyslog/syslong-ng daemon will
simply take over the /dev/log socket if enabled.


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