[Exherbo-dev] MPlayer bump and you

Anders Ossowicki arkanoid at exherbo.org
Fri Jan 7 01:31:59 GMT 2011

MPlayer was bumped tonight and a few changes might need your attention:

* We now use the external libass library for ASS/SRT (styled
  subtitles) handling. libass has been moved from ::media-unofficial
  to ::media and the option has been renamed from srt to ass, so you'll
  want to update your options.conf.
* The LIVE555 support is now available. LIVE555 is used for certain
  types of RTSP streaming. If you don't know whether or not you need
  it, you don't. 
* There is now support for (unprotected) blu-ray playback in mplayer.
  This is currently disabled since we lack the libraries and ability
  to test it. If you have a blu-ray drive, why not spend a little time
  on getting this to work?

Anders Ossowicki

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