[Exherbo-dev] systemd paludis uninstall phase

Markus Rothe markus at unixforces.net
Thu Feb 24 07:58:22 GMT 2011

How do I disable 'uninstalled' services?

I enabled alsasound-restore.service and rsyslog.socket a while ago.
Now these two services are removed (in the case of rsyslog.socket) or
renamed (in the case of alsasound-restore.serivce, which is now called

The services are listed as dead and I'm getting an ugly error message
at boot time:

alsasound-restore.service error  inactive dead
alsasound-store.service   error  inactive dead          alsasound-store.service
rsyslog.socket            error  inactive dead          rsyslog.socket

I cannot disable the services:

$ systemctl disable alsasound-restore.service
Couldn't find alsasound-restore.service.

How do I solve this issue?


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