[Exherbo-dev] systemd list-units

Wulf C. Krueger philantrop at exherbo.org
Fri Feb 18 12:03:21 GMT 2011

> dev-hugepages.automount   loaded failed failed        Huge Pages File
> System Automount Point
> dev-mqueue.automount      loaded failed failed        POSIX Message
> Queue File System Automount Point

That is completely normal if you don't enable the corresponding kernel 

> This automounts in this state becouse /dev/hugepages and /dev/mqueue
> does not exists. If i create it via mkdir and restart automount service
> alld work's fine. Who need to create this paths for automount service ?

Nobody. You need to learn to use Google and read my FAQ (see the #exherbo 
channel's topic for the link).

Do NOT post to this mailinglist before having done your homework.
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