[Exherbo-dev] problem with system libtool archives / automake

Daniel Mierswa impulze at impulze.org
Wed Feb 2 17:37:10 GMT 2011


I would like to know how to solve one particular problem with libtool
archives, even though this may not be specific to exherbo I still think
this is related to contributing and/or may be helpful for other
contributors too.

Given there's a /usr/lib/libfoo.la and there's a automake/autotools
package (called bar) that links the binaries with -lfoo and -lbar.

After compilation (make) the libtool wrapper created by that package
will have LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to
/usr/lib:/path/to/paludisbuilddir/bar-x.y.z/.libs for example. During
tests the binary (libtool wrapper) would link /usr/lib/libbar.so first
instead of /path/to/paludisbuilddir/bar-x.y.z/.libs/libbar.so which is
obviously wrong.

According to what I've read this is one of the reasons why most people
try to avoid installing libtool archives system wide so that system
paths never make it into those libtool wrappers.

Any suggestions on how to solve tihs? I'm facing this issue now with rpm
and twolame where running the testsuite (or executing the binary/libtool
wrapper) will link the system wide library instead of the library that
just got built.

Mierswa, Daniel

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