[Exherbo-dev] Multilib branch now merged

David Leverton dleverton at exherbo.org
Fri Dec 30 20:35:07 GMT 2011

As I write this, our friendly CIA bot is busy informing the good
citizens of #exherbo that the multilib branch of arbor has been merged
into master.  Owners of other repositories with a multilib branch are
invited to do the same.  This does not mean that multilib is
considered "finished", or that the design is finalised.  It does mean
that anyone wanting to use and develop multilib no longer needs to
worry about keeping the branch up to date every time they want to do
real work, which should mean more users and developers, which should
mean that fixes and improvements are made more quickly.

It also does not mean that all library packages are immediately
required to support multilib, if only because people who don't use it
can't be expected to get it right without being able to test it, but
it does mean that people working on existing multilibified packages
need to know enough about how it works to avoid breaking it.
Therefore a guide is available at

This merge should not cause any significant changes for people not
currently using multilib, or for people already using it other than
the need to switch branches.  However it is always possible that there
are bugs.  If you find any, as usual, fix them yourself if you can,
otherwise ask in #exherbo and someone will help and/or point and

Finally, thanks to everyone who's worked on multilib so far, and to
everyone who will take this opportunity to start working on it and
make it even better.

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