[Exherbo-dev] Very minor bug in the installation guide

Tom Trauth coffee71 at optimum.net
Sat Aug 6 15:09:45 BST 2011

The command:


echo LANG="en_US.UTF-8" > /etc/env.d/99locale


Results in a 99locale file that contains:




To keep the double quotes and get:




The command should be changed to one of the following:


echo LANG=\"en_US.UTF-8\" > /etc/env.d/99locale

echo 'LANG="en_US.UTF-8"' > /etc/env.d/99locale


This is extremely trivial since the value en_US.UTF-8 does not need to be
quoted, and I do not mean to nitpick, but I just wanted to help by pointing
this out.






PS: The kernel section of the installation guide is a bit out-of-date since
the latest kernels are no longer in the "v2.6" directory.



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