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Julien Pivotto roidelapluie at gmail.com
Sat Sep 25 20:31:57 BST 2010

If it can help, here is the logo I made for my exherbo shirts:


On 23/09/10 14:41, Alexander Færøy wrote:
> Hello,
> FOSDEM is getting closer and we need to figure out some things beforehand.
> Bryan and I had a short discussion on IRC regarding whether Exherbo
> should have a booth or not, and we both believe that it's about time
> that Exherbo gets a booth where people can talk with the contributors
> regarding the project itself.
> We plan on signing up for a booth and if we get one, we are probably
> going to need some help running it and it would be nice if some
> contributors who knows they are going to show up will be able to help
> us out here. It's also a great opportunity for discussing the project
> with fellow contributors :-)
> The booth is likely going to be run together with the Irssi project
> due to the relationship between the developers of the two projects and
> that we usually get along well :-)
> What we need for the booth that we already have:
> - A fancy Zebrapig banner.
> - Some cool people to take care of it.
> What we need that we don't have:
> - More cool people to help us.
> - New t-shirts.
> - Some sort of folder with some generic information regarding the
> project itself.
> - A monitor of some sort to have something cool running would probably
> be nice, but is usually not worth the hassle. The users usually knows
> how the fancy new KDE looks and so forth.
> So, if you are a contributor and would like to help us out here with
> the booth then it would be much appreciated.
> Bryan and I will request the booth once it's possibly and I'll try to
> raise fundings for some t-shirts for the people at the booth.
> Reply to this thread if you have input, questions, are willing to help
> us out with the booth, creative ideas and so on.
> Regards,
> Alex

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