[Exherbo-dev] Exherbo Bugzilla

Mathias Ruediger ruediger at blueboot.org
Sat Nov 20 21:23:24 GMT 2010


I have a couple ideas regarding the current state of the Exherbo
Bugzilla. First let me say that i know that the main development is done
in the irc and that i am trying to use it most of the time. But it has
it shortcommings. Just let me give you an example (skip it if you are to
lazy :) )

I had an issue compiling lvm2. I thought, having set up a new machine
and never encountered this error myself or read anything about it in the
irc, it was an error only present on my machine. So i searched it for
any error which could have been related to that. I asked the irc folks
but no one answerd so i keep assuming my machine was behind this error.
It turned out to be a false information. A couple of days later i asked
again and a couple of people had the same error which enabled me to nail
it down an write a patch. Had someone written an bugreport earlier on,
it could have saved me and maybee a couple of other people a lot of

I guess the reason no one is reporting any errors to the bugzilla is
that no one is looking at it regulary. And that is where i want to

* i will look at new bugreports, assigned to unassigned at exherbo.org
* i will try to answer simple and stupid questions myself and write
patches for the faq
* i will try to assign the other bugreports to the right people
* if there are any other ideas regarding the bugzilla i will have a look
at them to

So condensed to a single sentence: I am volunteering as an admin for the
bugzilla. Having no time atm to write patches or do other stuff, i hope
this way i can help this great distribution to become even better.

so long
Mathias aka Nobody96

p.s. i know my english sucks

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