[Exherbo-dev] Two xz questions

Tom Trauth coffee71 at optimum.net
Tue Nov 16 01:36:49 GMT 2010

>Also note that we strongly encourage people to use a .tar.bz2 or similar
whenever >possible.

>Ciaran McCreesh

You make goods point about the stability of xz not being proven yet and the
folly of supporting an unstable format.  That said, why are the Exherbo
stages themselves zipped with the still-unstable xz rather than the
tried-and-true bzip2 when people are strongly encouraged to use bzip2
instead?  Isn't that a tad hypocritical?  And I thought the packaging system
was considered to be unstable until exheres-1 comes out.

I'm not trying to be critical, I consider Exherbo to be the best
source-based distribution out there right now and cave to be the best
package management utility.  But I thought Exherbo was about being
cutting-edge, not about being super stable a la Debian.



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