[Exherbo-dev] Two xz questions

Tom Trauth coffee71 at optimum.net
Sun Nov 14 23:39:41 GMT 2010


Why does the Getting Started documentation still say that the xz package is
a requirement for installing Exherbo?  Since version 1.22, tar has supported
xz compression/decompression via the J option.  Therefore, in the
installation procedure, the line "unxz -c *.tar.xz | tar xpf -" could be
replaced with "tar xpJf *.tar.xz", eliminating the xz dependency.



Why does expatch (in the src_prepare phase) support zip, gzip, and bzip2,
but not xz?  For the sake of consistency, it seems like it should support xz
as well, and I think such support could be implemented by merely adding the
following three lines to its case statement:



cmd="xz -dc"



I'd write, test, and submit this patch myself, since it looks relatively
trivial, but unfortunately, I have no free time these days :-( .






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