[Exherbo-dev] Exherbo Impressions ~ From Installation to Uptime

D.J. Capelis dev at capelis.dj
Fri Mar 5 05:37:49 GMT 2010

On Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 20:44, Sess <leycec at gmail.com> wrote:

> Who doesn't consider stability interesting? I do. (Not as much as, say,
> Debian developers. But I do.)

I think the key might be that it's not nearly as interesting until it
actually might have a chance of happening.

Yes, of course. But is it reasonable to install a X windowing manager
> without an X server? (FVWM, in my case.)

I think it is, actually.  A windowing manager can run on another machine's X
server IIRC.

> It's about what the average user can handle.

I think at the moment Exherbo doesn't cater to or intend to cater to such
users.  Which isn't to say no one ever will, but simply that it hasn't been
a priority and as far as I've heard, still isn't.  Average users are a hard
problem to tackle when you haven't fully worked out the basics.  (Then
they're still a hard problem to tackle.)

> I like Gentoo. I like Exherbo more. That's why I'm using it.

Neither Debian or Fedora have baselayout-2 packages to my knowledge.  It
turns out when you switch distros sometimes things change.

> Humbly yours,

Perhaps it's a culture clash, but you might find that signing your messages
this way is perhaps taking humility a leap too far.

> Cecil

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