[Exherbo-dev] Exherbo Impressions ~ From Installation to Uptime

Bo Ørsted Andresen zlin at exherbo.org
Thu Mar 4 15:39:45 GMT 2010

On Thursday 04 March 2010 05:38:58 Sess wrote:
> {!} Paludis fails spectacularly after attempting to sync against
> SuperHeron's "exherbo-misc" repository.
> Solved by deleting the "/etc/paludis/repositories/superheron-misc.conf" I'd
> manually added earlier. Simple, but I'd like to know why it failed this
> catastrophically. (Enabling and disabling the "mono" option is of no help,
> incidentally.)

Because it needs its master repositories available. Options have nothing to do 
with it.

> {*} Exherbo Wiki. Is this in the cards?

Exherbo will never have a wiki. Wikis are horrible.

> {*} Circular dependencies when building "firefox." Yes, there were more
> than one. One loses count.

*Maybe* we'll add support for an easier way of handling circular dependencies 
one day.

> {*} Failing tests when building "python" (...and other exheres) with
> "build_options: recommended_tests". Should I be concerned? e.g.,

Will get fixed soon.

> I suspect this is "sydbox"-related, but haven't looked into it.

We added network sandboxing to sydbox a while ago. It broke a bunch of 
packages. There's bug #252 for tracking that.

> {*} No "lzma-utils" or "lzop" exheres, thus preventing usage of those
> kernel compression schemes. (I'd prefer the kernel provide support for
> "xv". It doesn't, of course.)

We do have xz.

> {*} No "ifplugd" exheres, although one did reside under "dev/rbrown.git". I
> resurrected it manually. Is there a compelling reason not to use
> [ifplugd|netplug] anymore? [...]

Presumably noone cared about it. You can always add it to your own repository.

> {!} No "baselayout-2" or "openrc" exheres. Disappointing, but acceptable. I
> note, however, the latest version of "udev::arbor" issues this warning four
> (...or five) times on startup:
> The udev init-script is written for baselayout-2!
> Please do not use it with baselayout-1!.

Don't use the init script. It's just sourced by other udev scripts and whoever 
bumped udev was too lazy to move it. We don't care much about baselayout or 
its init scripts at all.

> {!} "dhcpcd." The 5.x.x branch of "dhcpcd" is unstable and significantly
> breaks backward compatibility with the 4.x.x branch.

You could just use a different dhcp client..

Bo Andresen
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