[Exherbo-dev] [ANN] sydbox-0.6.8

Ali Polatel alip at exherbo.org
Mon Jun 14 16:38:04 BST 2010

A new release, fixing a minor issue and adding support for network
aliases. This support is very basic right now.
Quoting sydbox(1):
In addition, there are a few network aliases that are expanded to
network addresses. They are listed below:

- LOOPBACK is expanded to inet://
- LOOPBACK6 is expanded to inet6://::1/8
- LOCAL is expanded to four addresses as defined in RFC1918:
  * inet://
  * inet://
  * inet://
  * inet://
- LOCAL6 is expanded to four addresses:
  * inet6://::1
  * inet6://fe80::/7
  * inet6://fc00::/7
  * inet6://fec0::/7

So you may use LOOPBACK at 0 instead of inet://

If you have any suggestions about the syntax, or any way to extend this
please reply to this mail or poke me on IRC; or even better write a
patch ;)

sydbox is a ptrace based sandbox.

What's new?
* Add support for network aliases
* Fix handling of rmdir() which doesn't resolve symlinks

Supported operating systems: Linux
Supported architechures: x86, x86_64, ia64, ppc64
If you are interested in porting sydbox to other systems poke me (alip)
or compnerd on irc or leave a mail to either of us.

tarball: http://dev.exherbo.org/~alip/sydbox/sydbox-0.6.8.tar.bz2
sign: http://dev.exherbo.org/~alip/sydbox/sydbox-0.6.8.tar.bz2.asc
sha1sum: 2707e2c9cac79e2b3c4d7f889adde19266dc94a8

Ali Polatel
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