[Exherbo-dev] r^2 is now available

Łukasz Michalik lmi at ift.uni.wroc.pl
Mon Jun 7 23:11:40 BST 2010

On 00:55 2010-06-08 +0400, Андрей Валяев wrote:
> So i'm not known how it works...
> $ cave show -t package repository/*
> Error:
>   * In program cave show -t package repository/metadata repository/packages 
> repository/profiles:
>   * Found nothing suitable matching 'repository/metadata' 
> (paludis::cave::NothingMatching)

It's because you have repository/ directory in wherever you're trying
to run it from.  Try quoting * or the whole spec.

Łukasz P. Michalik
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