[Exherbo-dev] r^2 is now available

Андрей Валяев dron at osrc.info
Mon Jun 7 21:55:35 BST 2010

В сообщении от Пятница 04 июня 2010 16:51:32 автор Ciaran McCreesh написал:

> You can now automatically create configuration files for Exherbo
> repositories that're in ::unavailable and ::unavailable-unofficial.
> * Do 'cave resolve repository/blah -x' to automatically create a repo
>   config file for 'blah' and then sync the newly created repo.

It's good news...

So i'm not known how it works...

$ cave show -t package repository/*

  * In program cave show -t package repository/metadata repository/packages 
  * Found nothing suitable matching 'repository/metadata' 

And what?

cave resolve repository/metadata
not work too...

help, please... :)

        Andrey Valyaev

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