[Exherbo-dev] Several packages moved.

Brett Witherspoon spoonb at exherbo.org
Sun Dec 19 19:56:15 GMT 2010

We have moved several packages from ::compnerd to ::desktop and ::gnome.
One of these packages needed a category change.

base/gnome-disk-utility::compnerd -> gnome-desktop/gnome-disk-utility::gnome

To break the dependency on the old category you will need to:

1) Install the new pkg/cat
   cave resolve gnome-desktop/gnome-disk-utility -x1

2) Uninstall the old
   cave uninstall base/nautilus -x

   Use --uninstalls-may-break as needed. This will not actually break

3) Finally re-install any packages which may have depended on the old
   category. You should know them from the previous step and should only
   be gvfs and nautilus.

   cave resolve gvfs nautilus -x1

All the packages in the official repositories should be updated to use
the new category.

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