[Exherbo-dev] arm_cpu_features:neon

Андрей Валяев dron at osrc.info
Sat Dec 4 08:25:54 GMT 2010

On Saturday 04 December 2010 09:56:31 Bernd Steinhauser wrote:
> >> Are you actually on the multilib branch?

In my opinion I don't use multilib.

My arbor.conf:
location = ${ROOT}/var/db/paludis/repositories/arbor
sync = git://git.exherbo.org/arbor.git
profiles = ${location}/profiles/x86/desktop
format = e
names_cache = ${ROOT}/var/cache/paludis/names
write_cache = ${ROOT}/var/cache/paludis/metadata

> In that case, please make sure that you read the news item which I linked
> below (start at line 22), that you're using a recent paludis (update it if
> in doubt) and one of the new profiles.
> http://git.exherbo.org/?p=arbor.git;a=blob;f=metadata/news/2010-11-25-base-
> profiles-removal/2010-11-25-base-profiles-removal.en.txt;hb=HEAD

new profile resolve problem, thanks..
$ cave --version
paludis 0.55.0 git 0.54.2-117-g5eebff4

it's okay? I'll update it later

        Andrey Valyaev

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