[Exherbo-dev] arm_cpu_features:neon

Bernd Steinhauser exherbo at bernd-steinhauser.de
Fri Dec 3 20:52:31 GMT 2010

  On 03/12/10 21:20, Андрей Валяев wrote:
> Error on resolve qt..
>   * The following option requirements are unmet for x11-libs/qt-4.7.1:
>   *     Can't work out the state of option 'arm_cpu_features:neon'
> What is this?
> My arch is x86...
This problem is most likely due to the master branch of arbor not yet being 
merged into the multilib branch, which I fixed just a few minutes ago.
Please pull and try again.

On 03/12/10 21:19, Robin Green wrote:
> Did you read the news item about profiles?
You don't get the news item, if you aren't using one of the deprecated profiles.

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