[Exherbo-dev] has_version/best_version --slash/--root

Bo Ørsted Andresen zlin at exherbo.org
Sat Aug 14 22:26:56 BST 2010

Exherbo now has proper support for installing to a chroot. has_version and 
best_version have thus far been looking if a package is installed in ROOT. 
When installing to a chroot, ROOT != / yet build dependencies are required in 

So for example the has_version checks for autoconf and automake in 
autotools.exlib are wrong when installing to a chroot, and since they are pure 
build dependencies they may well not be installed to the chroot at all. This 
would cause autotools.exlib to incorrectly die claiming there is no autoconf 
or automake available.

To solve this problem we have introduced --slash and --root arguments for 
has_version and best_version. --slash means look for the package in /, the 
build system root, while --root means look for the package in the target 
system ROOT.

If neither is specified it still acts like --root, at least for now. But since 
there's a good chance that is wrong in many cases we may ban relying on that 
at some point.

Therefore every exheres writer need to go through his/her packages and specify 
either --slash or --root appropriately for all calls to has_version or 

As packages start using these new arguments systems with a paludis older than 
today will start breaking like this:

!!! In has_version at line 1787
!!! /usr/libexec/paludis/ebuild.bash should take exactly one arg

So you should all upgrade paludis.

Bo Andresen
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