[Exherbo-dev] Open Source Community Day 2009

Alexander Færøy ahf at exherbo.org
Wed Sep 23 09:28:12 BST 2009


Exherbo's request for a booth and a 45 minutes talk at the OSCD
conference has been granted, which means parts of the danish conspiracy
is going to be available at the conference. OSCD 2009 is going to be a
lot smaller than the OSD conference in 2008, but it is hopefully going
to be lots of fun.

Bryan is going to do a presentation about the Exherbo project.
Unfortunately the abstracts for many of the presentations are not
available on the website yet.

Link to the conference: http://opensourcedays.org/CommunityDay2009/
The agenda: http://opensourcedays.org/CommunityDay2009/node/4

Best regards,

Alexander Færøy

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