[Exherbo-dev] Updated certificates

Bryan Østergaard bryan.ostergaard at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 23:51:00 GMT 2009

Just a quick note that I've updated the certificates for
bugs.exherbo.org and imaps on dev.exherbo.org as they were about to

And here's the SHA-1 fingerprints for the new certificates:
bugs.exherbo.org: 32:1F:C2:19:4F:98:1A:AE:FD:40:96:92:6C:B1:D3:4F:CD:77:EA:20
dev.exherbo.org: 6D:57:A7:4E:4E:F2:5E:C5:D5:63:62:60:A0:B8:FB:12:BE:2D:A6:7B

Bryan Østergaard

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