[Exherbo-dev] Profiles proposal

Bo Ørsted Andresen zlin at exherbo.org
Fri Nov 20 00:14:59 GMT 2009

Ciaran McCreesh wrote:
>>> One thing that's not been addressed: how does this work across
>>> multiple repositories? We probably want a way of letting
>>> supplemental repositories define their own profile bits (defaults,
>>> suboptions etc) in a way that meshes nicely with the main profile.
>>> Just have the mangler look both in arbor/profiles/foo/bar and
>>> supplemental/profiles/foo/bar when it's using a profile that
>>> mentions "foo/bar" as its path thing?
>> Having the mere addition of another repository alter the default
>> options for all
>> packages is nasty. Maybe just looking at profiles/foo/bar for the 
>> repository of each
>> package and all that repository's masters will work? First master
>> first and the
>> repository last.
> I didn't mean having it affect other repositories. Settings in a
> repository's profiles would only affect that repository, plus anything
> that lists that repository as a master.

I think it makes sense to let supplemental repositories affect 
options.conf and possibly
profile_mask.conf for their packages like that. Letting them affect the 
system set doesn't
strike me as sane.

If we change bashrc to envvars.conf then it's probably harmless although 
I don't see why
supplemental repositories would need to alter the build environment 
through profiles.
Allowing random code to be executed in profiles is stupid and they 
shouldn't need to do
more than setting environment variables.

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