[Exherbo-dev] Mass b0rkage of the week

Sterling X. Winter sterling.winter at gmail.com
Sat May 23 15:25:42 BST 2009

Most repos have now had their ranged deps migrated so it's a good time to 
reinstall affected packages. Running `paludis -i everything` for this sucks 
because it also reinstalls unaffected packages and because unhandled 
exceptions make Paludis barf without allowing the operation to resume where 
it left off.

A better method is to use the attached `reinstall-ranged-deps` script which 
will "resume" where it left off each time it's run and it should only 
reinstall packages affected by the ranged dep changes.

Before running the script, nuke the contents of your Paludis write cache:

    rm -rf /var/cache/paludis/metadata/*

(or whichever directory houses your write cache)

Then do:

    paludis -i paludis
    paludis -s

During the course of reinstallation you may still need to manually fix 
problems unrelated to the ranged dep changes, such as the EBUILD_PHASE -> 
EXHERES_PHASE change for Python packages mentioned in an earlier thread on 
this list.

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