[Exherbo-dev] Moving packages from arbor to topic repositories

Anders Ossowicki arkanoid at exherbo.org
Sun May 3 13:40:31 BST 2009

We have a lot of packages in arbor currently that don't really belong
there if we want to keep the idea that arbor should be for
core/system-critical packages. A number of those are there largely for
historical reasons and some are in arbor because they don't fit anywhere
else. After talking with Bryan I ran through the list of packages in
arbor and tried to flag those that could/should be moved somewhere else.
In order to do this, we'd probably need a few new topic repositories to
cover the areas of server-related packages (web, mail, etc), networking
packages (nmap, tcpdump, ngrep, etc) and blagointersphereweb-packages
(mutt, rtorrent, irssi, mcabber, etc).

There are probably several of the following packages that have perfectly
good reasons to stay in arbor and there are probably additional packages
in arbor that could be moved. Let us try to weed out those packages that
should stay in arbor and figure out where the rest should go. We can
always comb through arbor again at a later time.

Once we (hopefully) reach an agreement (or when kloeri gives me the go)
I'll start moving packages around like a mad sokoban and hopefully break
a few user systems in the process.

Remember that arbor should be mostly self-contained and that it should
be possibly to install a system purely from arbor (unless installing
your system involves sacrificial rites, in which case you'd also need

Here is the list:

* app-antivirus/clamav
* app-crypt/tinyca
* app-text/calibre
* app-text/convertlit
* app-text/libspectre
* app-text/pdfcrack
* app-vim/gentoo-syntax
* app-vim/vcscommand
* dev-lang/php
* dev-perl/Array-Compare
* dev-perl/Cairo
* dev-perl/Error
* dev-perl/ExtUtils-Depends
* dev-perl/ExtUtils-PkgConfig
* dev-perl/Glib-Perl
* dev-perl/Gtk2-Perl
* dev-perl/IO-Socket-SSL
* dev-perl/MIME-Base64
* dev-perl/Net-SSLeay
* dev-perl/Pod-Parser
* dev-perl/Test-Warn
* games-misc/fortune-mod
* mail-client/mutt
* mail-filter/procmail
* mail-mta/exim
* mail-mta/postfix
* mail-mta/sendmail
* media-gfx/GraphicsMagick
? media-gfx/ImageMagick
? media-libs/jasper
? media-libs/libfpx
? media-libs/libmng
* net/aiccu
* net-analyzer/traceroute
* net-analyzer/wireshark
* net-apps/vpnc
* net-dns/bind
? net-dns/c-ares
* net-dns/ddclient
* net-dns/idnkit
? net-dns/libidn
* net-firewall/fwbuilder
* net-firewall/libfwbuilder
* net-fs/nfs-utils
? net-fs/samba
* net-ftp/ncftp
* net-im/mcabber
* net-irc/irssi
* net-libs/GeoIP
? net-libs/cyrus-sasl
* net-libs/libotr
* net-libs/libsmi
* net-libs/ortp
* net-mail/cyrus-imapd
* net-mail/dovecot
* net-mail/dovecot-sieve
* net-mail/fetchmail
* net-misc/bridge-utils
* net-misc/keychain
* net-misc/oidentd
* net-misc/openvpn
* net-misc/sock
* net-misc/telnet
* net-misc/whois
* net-nds/portmap
* net-nntp/suck
* net-p2p/libtorrent
* net-p2p/rtorrent
? net-print/cups
* net-print/hal-cups-utils
* net-print/hplip
* net-proxy/squid
* net-scanner/nmap
* net-wireless/crda
* net-wireless/wireless-regdb
* net-wireless/wirelesstools
* net-wireless/wpasupplicant
? sys-apps/bc
? sys-process/htop
? virtual/mta
* www-servers/apache
* www-servers/lighttpd

Feel free to call me a moron and explain why it's obvious that package
foobar should stay in arbor and feel free to figure out some better
topic repos than those I came up with on a whim.
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