[Exherbo-dev] Option default to on

Michael Croes mycroes at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 19:03:08 GMT 2009

Ingmar Vanhassel schreef:
> On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 07:13:14PM +0100, Michael Croes wrote:
>> How many profiles will there be by default? *All* gentoo profiles suck 
>> regarding default options, so I always use -* and set what I like... Also a 
>> lot of options have entirely different consequences for different apps. 
>> Perhaps in combinations with sets it would be possible to create sane 
>> defaults in profiles...
>> Regards,
> Hopefully as few as possible, since every extra profile means more
> maintenance. On the other hand, on Exherbo profiles don't need to be in
> arbor, so if anyone doesn't like how we handle them, they can keep
> profiles in their own repos, should they want to...
> When you use a distro as configurable & flexible as Exherbo, or Gentoo,
> expecting the defaults to be exactly what you want is silly though. :)
I don't expect defaults to be exactly what I want, I do expect defaults 
not to be totally insane. The last time I checked in gentoo, the default 
for desktop profile had all of gnome, gtk, kde and qt enabled by 
default. More important, I want Xorg on my desktop, however I don't want 
packages in system to depend on X unless it's absolutely necessary for 
either X or that program to function properly. So I don't want gcc with 
gtk support, I don't want groff with X support and quite frankly only 
binary based distributions currently seem to solve this, but then by 
splitting packages.


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