[Exherbo-dev] Option default to on

Ingmar Vanhassel ingmar at exherbo.org
Thu Mar 12 16:07:27 GMT 2009

On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 04:59:34PM +0100, Michael Croes wrote:
> I guess you want to avoid what gentoo has these days with sdl: it has an 
> option video, audio and joystick, and if any of them is not enabled then 
> it'll start warning you that you're not supposed to turn these options off. 
> Obviously, the right approach here would be to default them to on and 
> there's one simple solution: prepend a "no" to the options, so it becomes 
> novideo, noaudio, nojoystick (for sdl). You can do the same thing, just 
> prepend "no" and the default off means that it's actually on ;-)
> Regards,
> Michael

no* options stink.

Top-posting doesn too. ;)

> Gaute Hope schreef:
>> Greetings,
>> I have been following the development of Exherbo for a while and
>> written a few packages, my name is Gaute Hope and I am norwegian. That
>> should be the necessarry facts.
>> You probably noticed that I was asking the same thing on #exherbo
>> yesterday, but I still haven't gotten it all clear; the problem is: I
>> write a few packages and in addition to generic options like X, sdl or
>> so on; I also want to include a few more obscure ones. According to
>> Exheres for smarties I shouldn't really do this, and leave them to
>> their defaults. What I want to do is to add these options, but let
>> them be on by default, if '-flag' doesn't exist in options.conf. That
>> way the user wouldn't have to manually turn on features that 90% of
>> the users would want anyway. And the user who doesn't want it, doesn't
>> have to create a new exheres.
>> ciarnm spoke of existing mechanisms for this, but I cannot find them -
>> if they do.. consider this void and a pointer in the right direction
>> would be appreciated.
>> - gaute

You want profiles/base/package.use.

We don't have an IUSE-defaults equivalent because we haven't found a
proper use-case. This default state for options belongs in profiles, not
in the exheres.

Exherbo KDE, X.org maintainer

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